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Barenboim-Said Akademie

The Barenboim-Said Academy will implement Daniel Barenboim's concept of "education through music", uniting under the same roof an academy for music and humanities, the new Pierre Boulez Concert Hall designed by Frank Gehry, and a music kindergarten. Students for the Academy's year-round programs will be drawn mostly from the Middle East, in continuation of the work of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra.


Fundacion Barenboim-Said

The Fundación Barenboim Said was created in 2004 with the generous support of the region’s government. The foundation manages and funds a number of programs aimed at intercultural conciliation, including the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra’s annual summer workshop and scholarships, an Academy of Orchestral Studies, and several children and youth music programs in Andalusia and the Palestinian Territories, including the Barenboim-Said Music Center in Ramallah and annual orchestral workshops in the Palestinian Territories.


Daniel Barenboim Stiftung

Established in 2008 and based in Berlin where it is a registered charitable foundation, the Daniel Barenboim Stiftung supports intercultural dialogue through musical education and concerts, managing all aspects of the international tours of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, various music and education projects, mostly in the Middle East, and individual grant programs.


Barenboim-Said Foundation USA

A New York-based nonprofit organization established in 2005, the Barenboim-Said Foundation USA is the American funding body of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra and its partner programs, which include music and education projects in the Middle East - primarily in Palestine and Israel, serving around 700 students of all ages and reaching many more through various concerts and public events.


Barenboim-Said Foundation Ramallah

Established in 2012, the Barenboim-Said Foundation, Ramallah is a nonprofit organization committed to integrating classical music within the Palestinian community and to strengthening public appreciation of the arts and music through concerts and public events. The Foundation serves children and young adults by developing the skills of highly talented musicians in an effort to enrich the Palestinian cultural scene locally and worldwide.

The Edward Said Musical Kindergarten

Established in 2004 as a joint venture with the Palestinian Medical Relief Society, the preschool and kindergarten are based on Daniel Barenboim’s concept of "education through music" and draw students from the Ramallah area and the surrounding refugee camps.


Berlin Musik Kindergarten

Opened on September 5, 2005, the Musikkindergarten Berlin is an independent institution that seeks to implement the concept of "education through music" for preschool children.