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  • Intreview with Michael Barenboim

Intreview with Michael Barenboim

Michael Barenboim is one of the soloists of the West-Easter Divan Orchestra’s 20th-anniversary celebration tour. The violinist and pedagogue talks about his experience in the Divan, Beethoven’s violin concerto, the composer’s influence and the great upcoming concert at the Waldbühne in Berlin on August 17th, 2019.

“Beethoven’s violin concerto is a highlight of the violin literature, you could say that. It is the ultimate violin concerto, the one for which you have to have the most maturity to be able to play it properly”


00:00:00 – 20 Years Divan

00:01:08 – Beethoven’s Violin Concerto

00:03:20 – Beethoven’s 250th Anniversary

00:03:59 – The Concert at the Waldbühne