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  • Musician Spotlight: Meirav Kadichevski
    Meirav Kadichevski

Musician Spotlight: Meirav Kadichevski

Oboist Meirav Kadichevski was born and resides in Tel-Aviv. She joined the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra in 2003.

When I’m not performing with the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra…

I play oboe in different orchestras, chamber groups and in a rock band. I’m also a professional photographer and graphic designer.

Most important traits to have as a musician…

Anyone can play music (and everybody should!), but to really be a great musician you need patience, persistence and passion, a drive for improvement, and a lust for learning.

The most rewarding performance with the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra…

… would be our Ramallah concert. It felt like being in a Hollywood feature film. But it was real!

How did you become a musician?

When I was in school, my parents enrolled me in various extra curricular activities. One of them was learning to play the recorder. In the first years I just had private lessons and played concerts for my parents, which was ok, but then I joined a recorder group and it became a magical experience. Playing with other people was so much fun! Later on, I began to play the oboe and joined a wind band and an orchestra. The magic multiplied. Alongside all of that, I was also learning dance, art and photography, but when I had to choose what I wanted to focus on and do professionally, I felt that making music with people from around the world filled me with the most inspiration. So I found a great teacher in Germany, and left everything else behind.

Is there an interesting story behind your instrument?

Well, I guess most people don’t know that oboe players have to make their own reeds (which are the little mouthpieces that create sound). This is a long painstaking process, which includes handcrafting a tiny piece of cane. Reeds tend to be very moody and unstable, which can make us moody and unstable too 🙂

A project on the horizon you’re excited about…

I play a lot of different educational concerts for kids (which I find very fulfilling); and in the next project we have planned, I get an major acting part as well! The thing I love most is combining different art forms, and any time I get the chance to do so is very exciting.

One or two works of art–music, theatre, anything–that you adore and why…

“Adagietto” from Mahler’s 5th symphony. It’s a piece of music that not only moves me, it shakes me up and takes me on a journey to heaven, hell and back. It will always leave my face wet, puffy and red, whether I hear it in concert, through my earphones or while I’m sitting on stage!

When I want to get away from it all….

…I go to the beach or to the desert. Experiencing the power of nature takes me away from all my little worries. If I can’t physically get away, I try to do things that awaken my senses. Dancing, painting, smelling, tasting, and anything that stimulates my right side of the brain and quiets down the left side.

People are surprised to find out that…

I have my own line of t-shirt designs! I call it “share-a-tone” and the concept behind them is “making music together+having fun”

I’d really love to have met…

…. Mozart. I’m sure I would have fallen in love with him.

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