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  • New Recording: Barenboim + Divan release “Hommage À Boulez”

New Recording: Barenboim + Divan release "Hommage À Boulez"

The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra and co-founder Daniel Barenboim release Hommage à Boulez, a tribute to longtime collaborator Pierre Boulez. The album features a selection of the composer/conductor’s most iconic works.

The recording captures two live performances, at Boulez’s 85th birthday celebration in 2010 and at the BBC Proms in 2012. Barenboim conducts the Divan, and Boulez leads members of the orchestra alongside Hilary Summers in his Le Marteau sans maître.

Boulez was the first musician invited by Barenboim to share in conducting the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra.

The album is released by Deutsche Grammophon on March 10