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  • WEDO regrets postponement of planned East Jerusalem concert
  • WEDO regrets postponement of planned East Jerusalem concert

WEDO regrets postponement of planned East Jerusalem concert

Very much to our dismay, a WEDO concert in East Jerusalem planned for July 31 had to be postponed. The concert, to be held in the Ascension Church Auguste Victoria in East Jerusalem, had been scheduled for July 31 as one of the last concerts in this year’s WEDO Summer Tour. Daniel Barenboim and the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Mr. Robert Serry reached this decision after close consultation and much to their regret following attacks from a few Palestinian groups. As Robert Serry put it in the UN press release:

 “Last year the United Nations was pleased to facilitate his efforts to stage a unique performance in Gaza in support of the people there and with their backing. The Special Coordinator had hoped to undertake a similar concert in East Jerusalem for members of civil society. But such efforts depend upon participation and support of Palestinian civil society. Noting the objections of some groups it was decided – with regret – not to proceed with present plans for the concert. Rather than “accepting” the occupation, as some critics said, such an event would in his view have sent a strong message that Palestinians must be able to experience their cultural rights and freedoms in the unique city of Jerusalem, which the United Nations believes must emerge as the open capital of two states, living side by side in peace and security.”

We fully expect this to be an unfortunate postponement only and hope to be able to have an opportunity soon to show our solidarity with all people convinced that dialogue in equality, justice, and respect is necessary to find a peaceful solution to the untenable and unjust current situation in the Middle East.

Please click here for the full press release.