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Anniversary Concerts in 2019

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  • The Waldbühnenkonzert

The Waldbühnenkonzert

Daniel Barenboim & West-Eastern Divan Orchestra

For almost 20 years, the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, founded by Daniel Barenboim and Edward W. Said, has been known throughout the music world as a global ambassador for cultural understanding. The young artists from Israel, Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Iran, and other Middle Eastern and North-African countries bring to the table a willingness not only to engage for the sake of music, but to develop an open ear for the experiences and perspectives of their colleagues, through conversation and discussion. As in previous years, one highlight of the annual summer tour is their performance at Berlin’s Waldbühne, where the unique atmosphere and enthusiastic audience provide an especially appropriate background for this orchestra’s joyful playing.

  • The Waldbühnenkonzert


Our goal is to make your evening at the Waldbühne an unforgettable concert experience. Please take your time to read the information on the section below to learn more about your visit, the arrival options and security requirements.



For security reasons, only bags the size of an A4 sheet (21×30 cm) are allowed inside the venue. To make your concert experience as relaxed as possible, we have designed these limited-edition bags that fit these dimensions and will allow you to carry all necessary items you might need during the concert.


  • The Waldbühnenkonzert